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Wainwrights Accountants is an accountancy firm based in Liverpool and the Wirral, specialising in small businesses, medical practices and IT and engineering contractors.

Wainwrights wanted a website to do more than just act as a brochure website, so we developed a full quotation system based on calculations for fees provided by Wainwrights, allowing people to find out how much they would be charged for the service before they make an enquiry. This quotation calculator was developed solely in-house here at Engage Web.

The client came to us having found a single illustration on an image repository website that represented one of their key target markets. Engage Web used that illustration as a base to draw individual images to represent each of their targets, making a matching set for the home page panels. The client was delighted with the outcome and its cost effectiveness.

We developed the new website to be fully responsive, working on desktop and laptop computers, and scaling down to display effectively on tablets and mobile devices.

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