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What does your web design say about you?

A website needs to deliver results. Web design isn’t merely about how a website looks; it’s about what it says and does for your business too. It’s about how your website works across different devices, from desktop PCs, onto tablets and smartphones. More than 50% of Google’s searches are now on mobile devices, and your website needs to be ready.

At Engage Web we provide a complete web design service. We start with an initial meeting, after which we produce a briefing document and website specification. Then comes the website visual mock-ups, followed by the build. You are then presented with a manual showing you how to use and update your website, and full training is available if required. We also consider how search engines will see your website, and how your clients and customers will use it.

We will work with you until your website delivers on every front.

Browse through some of our web designs below, where you can read details about each design. To discuss your specific needs, email us via the contact form and we’d be delighted to give you a call or arrange a no-obligation chat in our Ellesmere Port design centre.

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The advantages of using our website design service:

Taking SEO into consideration during web design

Our team at Engage Web has plenty of knowledge and experience with the search engines, meaning our web design won’t hinder you in the search engine results pages (SERPs). Some web designers ignore SEO during the design process, causing problems for the site with the search engines but, at Engage Web, we know how to play by the rules. There is more to search engine optimisation than can be included within web design but we include all the below considerations to make certain your site has the best start.

Professional web design

We not only make sure your site looks the way you want, but that it also works intuitively for a user. Your web design will be easy to navigate for both first time visitors and repeat users. Designed as a marketing tool for your business, we will help you understand what your target market expects to see and get from your website – allowing you to reap the rewards

Easy to manage website

Many designers forget that a website is an ever evolving entity, not something to be filled with billboard text and then forgotten. No matter how future-proof your website is at the start, at some point you will want to update your website. We believe you should have as much control as possible and can offer the flexibility and scalability so your website can evolve as your business grows. Our Content Management Systems make it easy for you to control your website content.

Optimising for website speed

The speed with which your website pages load is a factor to both the search engines and to users. Users will typically wait no longer than 5 – 10 seconds for a page to load so, if you keep them waiting, you will lose a significant proportion; this is precisely why we keep commercial results in mind throughout the whole creation process.

Usability & Accessibility

Two terms that are often confused with each other, accessibility means ensuring your website is freely available and usable by anyone visiting your site. Usability means ensuring visitors find the design intuitive and can use and interact with it easily. To get a return on your investment, it is vital that users can find what they want quickly and easily take action.

Ownership rights of your domain.

With Engage Web, we put control in your hands and when we register a domain on your behalf, your domain is registered directly to you

Reliable hosting

Once your website is complete, you need to ensure it is available for both users and search engines when they want it. At Engage Web, we provide reliable and trustworthy website hosting to make sure your website is live and ready

Following all this science is the creative web design you seek – ensuring your website looks professional, works with your brand and is as appealing as possible to your target market.

Our web design process:

The consultation

Starting with what we call the ‘blue sky bit’, we discuss all your requirements with you. If the sky was the limit, what would you have your website do for you?

We want our web design to be a successful business step for you and generate the greatest return on investment possible. Your input is crucial. With your knowledge of your business and our website design expertise, we can work with you to understand what your customers will want from your website, where you want them to go and what you want them to do. Armed with this knowledge, we can apply our expertise and come up with the framework and structure for your website.

The website design sign-off

All our websites are bespoke to you; we don’t use templates. We’re unique and we think you should be too. We will produce a mock-up website design based upon the brief produced during the consultation period. Once the website design is signed off, we are ready to begin the website development phase. You will be provided with a test link, meaning you can view the site at all stages of its development and we will keep you updated on its progress from start to finish.

At Engage Web, we are sensitive to our clients’ needs meaning your business goals drive our website design services – and not the other way round.

Does your web design deliver?

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