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Online Video

Online Video: did you think your business couldn’t contribute?

Video filming, production and editing is part of the range of services we offer here at Engage Web because we know the value of video to online business. Video is a large part of what makes successful websites rank higher in the search engines, and it draws in and engages customers. We can produce and edit your video to a professional standard, and add it to your website for you. We can handle everything from the original idea, scripting, filming, editing and uploading.

The below video is a viral video produced to be spread via social media. It was designed to be humourous, informative and very shareable.

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Here are some examples of videos we have created, you can see more on our YouTube channel.

Spacelink – Video Infographic

Lorra Laughs

Engage Web filmed and edited a short promotional video for our client The video shows some of the comedians at one of their comedy nights in Chester. Be warned, however, this isn’t all safe for work!

Equipment we use

Sony NEX-VG20E

Sony NEX-VG20E

At Engage Web we use the Sony NEX-VG20E video camera for our client work. Videos are recorded in HD with an 11x optical zoom. All of our videos are edited using the Adobe Premier editing suite, and can be outputted in a format to suit our clients – whether that be .mpg, .avi, .mov or even as DVDs or Blu-Rays.

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TEL: 0345 621 4321