Twitter tools to aid marketing campaign

Posted on January 3, 2013


Twitter has launched a new tool which will help marketers target a relevant audience. Businesses already use relevant options in their promoted tweets but the new tool will further increase their capability to reach the target audience.

The new Twitter tool can be used in three ways to reach selected audiences; phrase match, exact match and basic keyword match. Negative keyword targeting has been introduced to restrict some tweets from being displayed when specific keywords are typed in ‘search’. Marketers enter the keyword which they don’t want to be matched with their product. If a tweet has the negative keyword it won’t be displayed.

Another feature which has been introduced by Twitter is the ability to match trending topics which are related to a promoted tweet. By matching the relevance signals between trends and promoted tweets, the coverage of the company’s campaign is increased without any further action from the marketer. These new features introduced by Twitter will be of great interest to companies with a SEO campaign as it will maximize return on investment for companies. The director of product management for Twitter, Kevin Weil said:

“Both the automated matching to trending topics and the new keyword matching options are available worldwide today.

“We hope that the combination of greater control and more powerful automation will lead to even higher ROI for your next promoted tweets campaign.”

Search engine optimization includes social media sites and this latest development could automate a small aspect of a marketers duties.

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