Stone the crows! What a load of sheet music

Posted on January 27, 2013


Like most UK cities, Liverpool has a lot of birds. Frequently, people get a little reminder of this – perhaps on their shoulder, maybe their trousers or, most likely, their hair and face.

It is of course bird droppings.

Despite the old wives story that such a dumping on provides good luck, many would contest this. However, artist Kerry Morrison and composer Jon Hering have thought that bird poo luck could well be on their side, by creating a full musical score from the guano.

As anyone working on content creation and SEO will know, having a load of sh…, rubbish, on a piece paper is not a good start.

That is just how this project got started though.

Morrison laid manuscripts at sites across Liverpool, and simply waited for nature to run its course. Remaining faithful to where the droppings landed, Hering and sound artist Helmut Lanke put together a 20-minute composition complete with park sounds and bird song.

With sizeable tongue in cheek, the title of the piece is simply Bird Sheet Music – that’s two E’s not an I. With its premiere given on Sunday January 20 2013 at Liverpool Tate, the work is intended to highlight how important bird droppings are in life.

Morrison said:

“They play a massive part in the ecosystem of the city through their droppings – they disperse seeds, also their droppings help the enrichment of the soil, so we get fertiliser.

“People think it’s mucky or horrible, but of course it’s critical to life on earth.”

Fertiliser is also a fact of life online.

Fortunately though, poor search engine optimisation simply allows good work to perform even better.

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