Sofa surfers to love the latest Google YouTube app

Posted on February 27, 2012


The latest updates to Google’s YouTube app will make life much easier for viewers who love to find new videos and channels to watch. The updated YouTube app is for Google TV, launched this month, February 2012. According to product manager Jurek Foryciarz, the app has better navigation and faster response times, improving user experience.

With user comfort in mind, the latest addition is Discover, which lets a user find channels of personal interest. Whatever a person’s interest, the channels are categorised making it easier to select the ones which are of interest. Google believes this addition to the YouTube app will be beneficial for people watching their big screen TVs rather than using a laptop or desktop computer.

Another new initiative builds on “Original Channels”, which called on celebrities, producers and media companies to create and launch their own original channels for YouTube to create interest for users. Celebrities include Ashton Kutcher and Madonna, in addition to Electus and Lionsgate.

New channel pages have been added to the YouTube app for Google TV, making navigation easier for users through videos and playlists in their preferred channels. In October last year, Google pledged to offer something that would suit everyone’s tastes, whether sports, pop music or cookery programmes. Google is usually at the forefront of new technology, improving user experience. The same ethic should apply to a business’ SEO campaign, in Chester or elsewhere in the world.

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