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Lufthansa to test inflight Wi-Fi

Posted on September 24, 2015

German airline Lufthansa has revealed that it is set to test a high-speed internet network designed for passengers while they are flying with the company.

For a long period of (more…)

Posted by Alan Littler

UK hooked on smartphones

Posted on August 10, 2015

According to a recent study conducted by telecommunications regulator Ofcom, the most popular device to browse the internet with is a (more…)

Posted by Alan Littler

Billions to have Internet access by 2015

Posted on November 24, 2014

According to new research, the number of people who will have access to the web will pass the three billion mark over the next (more…)

Posted by Tom Evans

Online ad spends hit UK milestone

Posted on October 10, 2014

The amount of money spent this year on digital advertising has risen by nearly 17 percent to an (more…)

Posted by Alan Littler

Mobile phones safe for use on planes

Posted on October 1, 2014

Passengers will soon be able to use their mobile phones during flights without the need to switch on ‘airplane mode’, following an investigation which found that devices do not (more…)

Posted by Alan Littler

Brits are smartphone crazy, says study

Posted on September 8, 2014

According to recent research conducted by Deloitte, Great Britain is addicted to smartphones, with statistics revealing that a third of UK users check their devices within five minutes of (more…)

Posted by Alan Littler

Brits’ instant messaging use growing

Posted on August 6, 2014

According to a recent study, the use of instant messaging apps and services in the UK is set to sky rocket, with the number of messages being sent expected to (more…)

Posted by Alan Littler

Google’s Project Zero starts crusade to defend the internet

Posted on July 17, 2014

Online search giant Google has unveiled plans to guard the internet by recruiting a team of seasoned hackers, who will be set the task of hunting down and highlighting weaknesses in internet security in a bid to prevent the more (more…)

Posted by Alan Littler
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