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Google to tell you whether places are busy or not

Posted on November 24, 2016


Search giant Google has recently introduced a new feature that will inform users whether or not the shop, bar or other amenity they are searching for is busy in real time.

The company has added a (more…)

Posted by Alan Littler

How did Google’s predictions go this weekend?

Posted on November 21, 2016

It’s time once again to look at the Google Trends data we went over last week and see whether the search engine has continued the pattern we have observed of search volumes hinting at future real world outcomes.

We put sports to one side last week and looked at the two big Saturday night reality TV shows, and explored which (more…)

Posted by John Murray

Can Google continue its impressive weekend prediction streak?

Posted on November 18, 2016

As we saw earlier this week, Google Trends came up with some strikingly accurate predictions to do with TV and sports events that took place last weekend, correctly identifying the winner of the England v Scotland game, the eliminated X Factor contestant, and a strong performance from an outsider in the Brazilian Grand Prix.

In what could be deemed either (more…)

Posted by John Murray

How did Google get on with its predictions?

Posted on November 14, 2016

Last week, I wrote an article predicting three results of events set to happen at the weekend. Using Google Trends and a bit of my own interpretation of the data, I had come to a conclusion on the outcome of three competitions taking place from Friday to Sunday, November 11 to 13.

Now, it’s time to take a look at (more…)

Posted by John Murray

What else can Google Trends predict?

Posted on November 9, 2016

A few weeks ago, I wrote an article about how Google Trends data was going against all opinion polls by suggesting that more people are searching for ‘vote Trump’ than ‘vote Clinton’, and that the former search was moving further ahead of the latter as the US presidential vote drew nearer.

As it turned out, Donald Trump’s victory in yesterday’s vote suggests (more…)

Posted by John Murray

Facebook and Google join forces to launch underwater internet cable network

Posted on October 27, 2016

Two of the world’s largest tech companies are set to combine in an effort to create an underwater network that will provide superfast internet speeds and connect the USA with Hong Kong.

Internet giants Facebook and (more…)

Posted by Alan Littler

Google reveals flight price updates

Posted on October 19, 2016

Search giant Google has recently announced a change to its Google Flights tool that will inform users of the cheapest time to purchase a flight.

Many people find that booking a holiday (more…)

Posted by Alan Littler

Is Google Trends saying Trump is going to win?

Posted on October 18, 2016

Search engines and the vast amounts of information pertaining to them are one of the most obvious examples of ‘big data’, which is often used to research patterns and predict outcomes. We’ve written before about how Bing has taken to using its data to make predictions, with mixed levels of success.

Bing, for example, was wrong when it (more…)

Posted by John Murray
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