Would you give your Facebook password to Uncle Sam?

Posted on April 19, 2017

Social media has become an extension of who we are, and almost an online database of what gives us our personality, so it’s perhaps not surprising that many government and law enforcement groups want to use it to determine identity, make sure we are who we claim to be and work out our intentions.

With President Donald Trump increasing (more…)

Posted by John Murray

An encouraging first year for Facebook Live

Posted on April 7, 2017

Facebook may not get everything right, with its newly introduced Stories feature already being widely lampooned, but one offering that does appear to have been a hit is the opportunity to share live video on the social media platform.

Facebook Live celebrated its first birthday yesterday and, according to company Head of Video Fidji Simo, a fifth of videos that appear on Facebook are now (more…)

Posted by John Murray

Facebook to complete the set with Stories

Posted on March 21, 2017

Social networking site Facebook has recently announced its intentions to add a new feature to its main platform, after introducing it to various other platforms it owns.

The company is adding the Stories feature to (more…)

Posted by Alan Littler

Most popular social media platform among millennials revealed

Posted on March 20, 2017

A new study has revealed the most popular choice of social media platform among US millennials, and it may surprise you to learn that neither Facebook nor Twitter can be found at the top of the pile.

According to the (more…)

Posted by Alan Littler

Tech giants create digital ad duopoly

Posted on March 16, 2017

According to a recent forecast presented by research group eMarketer, the digital advertising industry will see its duopoly tighten as Facebook and Google continue to assert their dominance.

eMarketer’s forecast shows that the (more…)

Posted by Alan Littler

Messenger introduces Snapchat-esque feature

Posted on March 13, 2017

Social media giant Facebook has recently released a new feature for its standalone messaging app Messenger, and it may come as no surprise to some that it is one made famous by photo-messaging platform, Snapchat.

Once again, Facebook has shown that it is (more…)

Posted by Alan Littler

Geostickers added to Instagram Stories

Posted on March 9, 2017

Once again, Facebook-owned photo-sharing platform Instagram has mimicked a feature of rival service Snapchat.

This week, the company launched its (more…)

Posted by Alan Littler

Facebook to test ‘dislike’ button

Posted on March 7, 2017

Users of the world’s largest social media network, Facebook, have long been demanding a ‘dislike’ button be added to the platform to express emotions other than ‘like’. The company appears to have listened and is (more…)

Posted by Alan Littler
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