Is social media changing our brains?

Posted on November 17, 2017

There’s no doubt that sites like Facebook and Twitter have revolutionised the way we communicate, but is social media actually making us think differently, and changing the dynamics of our minds?

Two recent articles have suggested that the big two social media sites are creating challenges for our brains, forcing them to alter the way they operate.

This week, Roger McNamee, who once invested in Facebook, claimed that (more…)

Posted by John Murray

Three bizarre things Facebook has banned

Posted on November 15, 2017

Facebook, considering the power and authority it has in today’s world, is not always great at making decisions.

A classic case of this was picked up on by almost every major newspaper earlier this week, with artist Jackie Charley bafflingly having her festive painting of a robin blocked by the social media site for its supposed (more…)

Posted by John Murray

Facebook asks users to ‘Send Nudes’

Posted on November 14, 2017

In what seems like the headline from a spoof news website, social media website Facebook is actually asking its members to send nudes.

No, seriously, it is! (more…)

Posted by Darren Jamieson

Facebook introduces new polling feature

Posted on November 6, 2017

At the back end of last week, social networking giant Facebook introduced a new polling feature to all versions of the platform.

It is believed to have been (more…)

Posted by Alan Littler

Inquiry asks if Russian social media influenced Brexit

Posted on November 3, 2017

Elections regulators in the UK are probing the possibility that Russia used social media to influence the outcome of the Brexit referendum.

The UK Electoral Commission’s political finance director, Bob Posner, has revealed that he is asking big questions of Twitter and Facebook about who financed a wave of political advertisements during the build up to (more…)

Posted by Mark Glenning

Will all newspapers eventually charge for online content?

Posted on November 2, 2017

It’s no secret that the rise of the internet has led to the decline of printed journalism, which has created challenges for publishers looking to remain profitable in the digital era.

According to research from Enders Analysis the period from 2015 to 2016 saw British newspapers take a particularly noticeable hit, perhaps aided by a huge jump in smartphone ownership among over-55s, which leapt from (more…)

Posted by John Murray

Could non-promoted Facebook content cease to be?

Posted on November 1, 2017

Many small businesses and publishers rely on Facebook as a major source of their traffic, but a trial taking place in a number of countries suggests the social media site is looking to cash in on this, perhaps at the expense of those without a large budget.

In six countries around the world, Facebook has been testing a system whereby users only see (more…)

Posted by John Murray

Facebook leads the way in terms of buyer influence

Posted on October 27, 2017

According to a new study conducted by ViSenze, Facebook is the social media platform that most inspires its users to make a purchase.

The study, entitled ‘2017 Visual Commerce Report: Retail’ saw ViSenze survey more than 1,000 Americans over the age of 18. A total of 37% of the sample was aged over 50, as this demographic holds (more…)

Posted by Alan Littler
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