Google tablets to be launched online

Posted on April 5, 2012


An online store is being planned by Google to provide their own branded tablets to consumers directly, according to a report by the Wall Street Journal. Google also plans to sell well known brands like Asus and Samsung. The launch of the online store is thought to be an attempt to increase their market share of tablet sales, currently dominated by Apple.

However, a statement hasn’t been issued by Google to confirm whether or not the launch of the online store is imminent. In 2010, Google opened up an online store which sold the Nexus One, the Android phone. Sales were disappointing, as mobile operators and other stores tended to sell more of the phones, resulting in the closure of the online store a few months later.

As tablets don’t rely on the mobile network, Google expects to have greater success this time round. Many are used in the home, depending on domestic wi-fi. As tablets aren’t reliant on mobile networks, operators may not be too eager to promote sales of the tablet. The purchase of Motorola’s mobile group is also thought to be an influence behind the sales of tablets, as Google will be able to produce its own tablets and handsets. However, research by Gartner shows that 70 percent of sales for tablets are iPads, which will result in a lot more work for Google.

Google’s aim appears to be for supremacy in all areas, which is why a large number of businesses focus on the search engine giant when creating an effective SEO campaign, whether in Liverpool, England or elsewhere in the world.

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