Google study predicts half population worldwide will soon use Internet

Posted on February 8, 2012


According to a study carried out by Boston Consulting Group, the web economy will have a value of £2.7 trillion in G20 countries by 2016, almost doubling its value today. Increased access to mobile internet will be the main driver behind the predicted rise in value. Google provided support for the study, citing that by 2016 almost half the global population will be accessing the internet, or three billion people.

The research reveals that the UK is at the forefront of ecommerce. It also stated that about 200 million people gain internet access for the first time, each year. The study predicts that the desktop PC will become a less popular way to reach the web, as users will access the internet using mobile technology. Around 80 percent of internet users will use a mobile phone to access the internet by 2016.

The researchers at Boston Consulting Group believe that the internet will change in the near future, with access to the web becoming a necessity rather than a luxury. They also believe that the internet will become a social tool, allowing businesses and customers to engage. The predictions also included huge developments in technology, where a number of devices are connected to the web, like radiators and sensors.

As the way people use the internet rapidly changes, some SEO jobs will become more complex with businesses having to make changes to their search engine optimisation strategy, reaching out to users wherever they are in the world, like Liverpool or LA.

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