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Google Chrome to offer ‘Do Not Track’ by year end

Posted on February 28, 2012


The Google Chrome browser will have ‘Do Not Track’ software added by the end of the year, as a new code of conduct for privacy rights was pursued by the White House. The technology is added to browsers to let users decide whether they want to be tracked online by advertisers and websites. Using the technology, it is possible to opt out of the tracking device.

Google’s affirmation of the ‘Do Not Track’ technology now means that 98 percent of browsers used in January 2012 will be supported by the software, according to data Net Applications. How the technology will be displayed for users remains unknown. Safari from Apple supports Do Not Track, but the user has to search the ‘Developer’ menu found on the browser, then manually opt out of being tracked. Apple is making improvements so that users can opt out more easily.

One of the researchers working on the technology, Jonathan Mayer, confirmed he was delighted at Google’s assurance that the technology would be added to Google Chrome. However, it remains unclear just how companies who support the technology will respond to it. Mayer further states that more work needs to be done regarding policy.

The introduction of Do Not Track will have an impact on companies who agree to use the technology, as ads are often targeted to a user’s preferences. Companies may find that changes need to be made to search engine optimisation programmes, and some SEO jobs could become much more complex as a result of the privacy legislation.

Matt Jones

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