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Cats take over social media in response to terrorist lockdown

Posted on November 30, 2015

The recent curfew in Belgium took a surreal turn when social media users, who were advised not to tip off terrorists online, flooded Twitter news feeds with images of cats instead.

The hashtag #BrusselsLockdown was hijacked by users who chose to portray innocent felines in funny situations, such as holding up their paws as if surrendering to police, and looking out of (more…)

Posted by Mark Glenning

Zuckerberg takes time off to become a new dad

Posted on November 27, 2015

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, is to take paternity leave following the imminent birth of his daughter.

The 31-year-old multi-billionaire announced that he would take two months off to be with his wife Priscilla Chan. Her pregnancy was announced in July, following a series of miscarriages, but her due date is a closely guarded secret.

Facebook offers its American employees up to four months of fully paid paternity leave, which is regarded as (more…)

Posted by Mark Glenning

Facebook trials new relationship statuses

Posted on November 26, 2015

Social media tool Facebook is helping to mend broken hearts by making ex-partners disappear from news feeds.

Up to now, users who experience the breakdown of a relationship with a loved one have either blocked the other party from seeing any content, or removed them from their network of friends completely.

However, rather than choose the option of unfriending former husbands, wives, boyfriends and girlfriends, users can now opt to (more…)

Posted by Mark Glenning

Labour draws up guidelines for social media

Posted on November 25, 2015

Concerned about the way its members have been conducting themselves online, the Labour Party is drafting a paper that will direct them how to use social media platforms effectively.

The Guardian writes that the party is concerned about how political debate has degenerated into personal attack, and is addressing the issue of online reputation management. One party member, Peter Willsman, said that (more…)

Posted by Mark Glenning

Telegram identified as ISIS secret messaging app

Posted on November 24, 2015

It has been revealed that terrorist organisation ISIS has been using Telegram, a free app, to communicate with each other and distribute information.

The app, which is free and available on iOS, Android, Windows and Mac, has a “secret chat” feature that was used by extremists not only to talk to each other, but to distribute materials such as (more…)

Posted by Mark Glenning

Charities to benefit from new Facebook Fundraiser pages

Posted on November 23, 2015

Non-profits and registered charities could soon see more donations flood in thanks to dedicated pages on Facebook that make it easier to donate money.

This follows two months on from when the company unveiled its Social Good division, which looks to build applications that help focus charitable efforts.

“Fundraiser” pages allow charities to (more…)

Posted by Mark Glenning

Google tackles more complex search questions

Posted on November 20, 2015

It’s common for people using short phrases to look for something on Google, but it’s been revealed that the search engine will soon be able to handle more sophisticated search terms.

Following on from the phasing in of Knowledge Graph three years ago, which generated info on public figures, countries and individual brands, the company has announced that (more…)

Posted by Mark Glenning

Facebook trials temporary messaging

Posted on November 19, 2015

Facebook has begun the testing phase of ‘vanishing messages’, in a challenge to rival Snapchat.

The new feature means that personal messages do not have to be permanent; they can delete themselves following a set period of time.

When composing a message, an hourglass icon that is present in the top right hand corner of the screen can be turned on or off. When the option is chosen, a message will (more…)

Posted by Mark Glenning
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