Copy write or copy wrong?

Posted on December 3, 2012


What does your company website say about you, your company and your ethos? Does it convey your company’s core values, is it filled with the same passion for your business as you are, or are you ashamed to show it to clients and customers?

It is difficult to succeed in business without being passionate, without having something which sets your business aside from the competition – yet all too often this unique selling point isn’t reflected in a firm’s website. Where values and ethos should be conveyed, banality and plagiarism are rife.

There are Internet companies out there offering ‘industry specific content’ for your website, so you can just ‘copy’ and ‘paste’ your content to be the same as everyone else’s. This is great, if your business is ‘industry specific’ and generic, and your brand has no USP to set yourself apart from the competition.

Some company websites contain content which has simply been lifted from the pages of other sites, and had the names changed to protect the innocent – so to speak. Of course the big issue with companies paying little heed to their website’s copy isn’t one of branding, but of search engine optimisation. Where clients and customers may forgive clichéd, derivative copy on a website, Google will not. Google has a mantra of serving up only the most relevant results to its users, and different websites containing identical content are not what Google, or the people using it, want to see. This results in websites not ranking particularly highly, as Google chooses (not always correctly) what it believes to be the originator of the content, burying the duplicates.

The copy on your website should reflect your company, your values, your message – not somebody else’s.

Lianne Wilkinson

Managing Director at Engage Web
Lianne is Managing Director and co-founder of Engage Web. With her background in marketing, advertising and SEO, she has overseen the company’s rapid growth since its formation in 2009.

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