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Is social media that different to ‘real life’?

Social media can often seem like a strange corner of the world in which people think and act in different ways to how they do away from the internet, but is it really that distant, or do our online behaviours mirror our offline ones?

Various research has been undertaken in recent years to discover how accurately (more…)

Snapchat bucks trend by aping Instagram feature

In the past couple of years, Facebook-owned platforms have been looking for a way to take down photo-messaging platform Snapchat, and it found that the best way to do this was to almost directly copy some of its more (more…)

Procrastination – the enemy of online success

Have you heard of the phrase ‘analysis paralysis’? It’s where looking too hard at a set of options, plans or strategies instead of taking action means you end up not doing anything at all. You’re too preoccupied with the detail to see (more…)

Should we be using ‘Dr. Google’?

With the winter in the UK being long and various stories coming out about the NHS just not being ready for it, many people who are a bit under the weather might question whether they should be turning elsewhere for advice, but is it a good idea to search for your ailments online?

A 2015 study found that (more…)

Facebook introduces lists feature

Social networking site Facebook has recently introduced a new feature to the Status Update section of the platform, which will allow users to post lists onto the network.

This is a significant update for (more…)

Survey reveals best and worst rail franchises for internet access

A nationwide survey has ranked all of the UK’s rail transport firms in order of how satisfied their commuters are by the availability of the internet.

The study, conducted by Transport Focus, also revealed that internet connection is no trivial matter for public transport users – in fact, those aged 16 to 25 ranked it as (more…)

Twitter sees first ever profitable quarter, fewer users and more tweets

According to microblogging site Twitter, users are starting to tweet more, but are not using the full quota of characters since the company upped the limit to 280 characters.

CEO of Twitter Jack Dorsey has (more…)

The problem when social media shares news about social media

The rise of social media, especially Twitter, has opened up a whole goldmine of potential content for journalists, who can instantly find what people are talking about and the range of opinions they are expressing on it.

This is potentially a positive thing, but it can also lead journalists to become a little prone to exaggerating the (more…)

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