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Twitter defies expectations as user base grows

Twitter has recently announced its latest financial results, which revealed a boost to the number of users on the site helping to steady finances over the last quarter.

These results have defied expectations and predictions (more…)

Internet connectivity issues prevent millions from remote working

A new study has revealed that a large number of workers are unable to work remotely due to poor broadband.

As many companies adapt to (more…)

What would early psychoanalysts have made of social media?

Most of us have an account with one or more social media sites, but how do you behave on them? Do you come across in the same way on each of them, and do they all actually reflect the person you are when you’re offline.

A newly published study, conducted both at (more…)

Warning for celebrities over misleading Instagram posts

Photo-sharing platform Instagram has recently cautioned its celebrity users about their conduct regarding misleading posts that have not been (more…)

Can YouTube and the music industry ever get along?

People who grew up 40 or 50 years ago would probably be astounded that today, we watch music almost as much as we listen to it.

Current statistics show that all but three of the 80 most watched videos on YouTube are music videos, and an American study in 2012 showed that over half of teenagers mainly use YouTube to (more…)

Instagram to work offline

Photo-sharing platform Instagram has recently launched a facility that will enable users to like and comment on the photos of other users, even if (more…)

Would you give your Facebook password to Uncle Sam?

Social media has become an extension of who we are, and almost an online database of what gives us our personality, so it’s perhaps not surprising that many government and law enforcement groups want to use it to determine identity, make sure we are who we claim to be and work out our intentions.

With President Donald Trump increasing (more…)

Instagram updates messaging tool

Popular photo-sharing platform Instagram has recently updated its messaging service to combine both permanent and vanishing direct messages.

Up until now, the two types of (more…)

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