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Tweeters to know how far a post goes

Microblogging site Twitter appears to be trailing a new analytical tool that will let users see the statistics for an individual tweet.

On some (more…)

How to boost your SEO efforts

When it comes to search engine optimisation (SEO), many entrepreneurs nowadays are able to look through the veil of dark magic that seemed to encompass it in the World Wide Web’s early years. However, it is still tricky for the layperson to get right.

Although it is wise to (more…)

YouTube sponsorship moves into Google’s hands

Advertisers using video-sharing site YouTube will now have to work with Google’s sale team to add title cards to (more…)

The price of being seen on social media

Social networking site Facebook has stated that companies should only pay for online ads that are actually viewed by its users.

In the past, professional members have (more…)

Three mistakes to avoid when handling a social account

When it comes to social media, its various platforms can be a blessing for businesses both large and small. From the visual treats of Pinterest to the quickfire nature of Twitter, companies will soon find a multitude of ways to interact and (more…)

Britain to hit digital ad spend milestone

During 2015, it has been predicted that the UK will become the first country in the world where digital marketing will surpass all other (more…)

Britons prefer finding news through social media

A new study has found that social media channels are being used more than ever before to find breaking news stories.

In fact, according to (more…)

Twitter battles hackers with new sharing option

A feature that has just been introduced by Twitter is designed to increase security amongst multiple users on an account.

The tool, which is being offered through (more…)

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