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Twitter will monitor smartphone apps to target ads

In a move that is likely to benefit internet marketing specialists, a social media firm is to keep tabs on what apps users have downloaded to their handheld devices.

However, the new (more…)

How to avoid making a social media faux pas at work

With the Internet becoming more and more imbedded within our working lives, the opportunities to make mistakes online are increasing.

While social media and other (more…)

Even Twitter’s executives can sometimes make social mistakes

The chief financial officer of Twitter has apparently accidentally posted a private message to his news feed, disclosing behind-the-scenes information.

The DM, or direct message, looked like it was (more…)

Google could be broken up in Europe

New legislation may be pushed through the European Parliament to facilitate the breakup of Google.

The measures would be put in place to (more…)

Billions to have Internet access by 2015

According to new research, the number of people who will have access to the web will pass the three billion mark over the next (more…)

Every tweet ever made becomes accessible

Social networking site Twitter has updated its search engine so that all posts ever produced can be found.

Before this new change, any tweets that were (more…)

Facebook tweak could hide “overly promotional” ads

A change of algorithm could mean that any adverts that appear too ‘salesy’ could be squeezed out of Facebook news feeds.

In a move that may affect internet marketing from (more…)

Snappy social platform to allow money transfers

Snapchat is to introduce a new payment feature to its popular app.

The social platform, which was founded in (more…)

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