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WP-Polls not working in WordPress – how to fix it

Recently I needed to install the WordPress Plugin WP-Polls onto a website to conduct a survey of the website’s visitors. It’s a great little plugin, and works very quickly and easily allowing website owners to create polls and have their visitors vote in the poll.

It’s also very topical considering the current EU referendum!

Anyhow, after installing this plugin I noticed it wasn’t actually working as expected. It outputted the question and the poll answers sure enough, but the ‘Vote’ button didn’t work when clicked on, and neither did the ‘show results’ link. It was as if the button was deactivated.

A quick search on Google revealed that this was a common problem, with a couple of possible causes and fixes. As I’m often frustrated at the way WordPress.org closes down its support forum threads before someone has (more…)

Do social media interactions = great content?

Chasing likes, shares, follows and retweets can be a frustrating game and one that leaves you scratching your head. You could post something you think is eloquent, funny, thought-provoking and factual, yet have it (more…)

Do you need a psychology degree to design websites?

To design a good website it helps to have knowledge of how minds work. You may not necessarily need a psychology degree, but a basic understanding of how web design elements affect the brain is useful.


Human beings have a tendency to be irritable, stressed and anxious if they feel overwhelmed. Website visitors are generally looking for a specific piece of information when they come to a website. If they are faced with 10,000 words of content, they may find it difficult to find exactly the information that they want.

There is a balance between providing enough information to satisfy the user’s need, and having too much information. If visitors can easily find the content they want they will (more…)

Football, millennials and the key to business growth – SAScon 2016

Last week, I took a break from overloading myself with Euro 2016 to make my second appearance at SAScon, a two-day event held in Manchester. Engage Web set itself up with a 2-3 formation for this away fixture, and I came on as a second half substitute to (more…)

SAScon 2016 – are we virtually there yet?

This year’s SAScon event took place in Manchester last week, and being an annual attendee of it really makes you realise that the tech world is developing at an exciting and perhaps frightening pace. The talk this year had certainly moved on from mobile internet (any mentions of which were pretty much greeted with a pitying scoff) and was all about (more…)

Study shows gender differentiation in Facebook communication

A new study, published in journal PLoS One, shows the differences in the way men and women communicate on social networking platform Facebook.

Differences in (more…)

Don’t play ‘pass the parcel’ with your passwords

With the recent news that Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg had his Twitter and Pinterest accounts hacked due to setting a very unsecure password, it’s a reminder that no matter who you are, what you own and how fantastic your portfolio of content may be, all that stands between it and an intruder is (more…)

Why you should outsource web development

Most businesses realise that a good website can significantly grow their business. This is why it pays to have a budget large enough to develop a top website. Unfortunately many businesses try to save money on web development by doing it themselves, or by using one of those free online website builders. It is better to outsource web development to a professional, and here’s why.

There are two main ways to create a website in house, but all have disadvantages that make it is better to outsource web development to a professional web developer.

Website building software

The first in house method is the cheapest. There are several low cost apps and online services that enable (more…)

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