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In chasing the ‘big two’, don’t forget LinkedIn!

At the risk of using a niche analogy that only somebody exactly my age and with my exact interests would understand, LinkedIn is to Facebook and Twitter what Pulp were to Blur and Oasis in the 1990s. While droves of people fawned over the ‘big two’, keen to see which of them would get bragging rights, there was a third (more…)

Alphabet pips Apple as most valuable company

Alphabet, the parent company of Google, has been named as the most valuable company in the world, successfully overtaking Apple to the title.

The creators of the iPhone had (more…)

Four common web development problems and how to deal with them

As a web developer, implementing a website project can be a complex process and, like any complicated project, it helps to anticipate potential problems so that you can plan the solutions.

Problem 1: The cost

One of the first questions that a client asks a web developer is what is it going to cost. Unless the client has a clear idea about what elements are needed for the website then it is difficult to quote for the total cost.

Apart from the number of pages, there are various elements that can add to the cost including forms, shopping carts, databases, videos, slide shows, interactive menus and so on, each of which takes the developer time to implement.

The solution is (more…)

Facebook announces record quarterly sales

Social media giant Facebook announced last week that its revenue surpassed $5bn (£4.1bn) for the final quarter of 2015.

The company announced its (more…)

Rewriting or rewronging? – The perils of avoiding plagiarism

With Google and other search engines hating duplicate content, and it being pretty unethical to pinch material from other sites and paste it onto yours without credit anyway, smart content developers are always seeking to deconstruct news and feature articles to put their own angles on them.

Less smart ones, meanwhile, might use ham-fisted techniques like (more…)

Can your business become an online trendsetter?

Perhaps one of the biggest trends resulting from the rise of the internet and social media is the change of use of the word ‘trend’ itself. Did it ever used to be a verb? Once a pretty oafish word that your parents might use when they wanted to show off their latest dress sense or taste in popular music, it now refers to (more…)

Google Glass to switch target markets

It has recently been announced that search giant Google plans to relaunch its Google Glass product, but to an entirely different market.

The company revealed at the start of 2016 that it intended to cease the production of the eyewear technology to the general public, and has since began to close social media accounts dedicated to the product.

There were accounts on social media platforms Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Google’s own Google+, but these profiles have now been removed. Only the product’s Google+ page even acknowledged that its social media campaign was coming to an end, leaving a message for followers of the account thanking users for supporting the product and providing a link to the company’s help and support page for the product.

Google Glass was launched back in 2013 and received a mixed bag of reviews from experts and the general public. There were issues with the price of the product, which stood at around £1,000 each, as well as security concerns with people seemingly having the (more…)

Three ways social media can do the hard work for you

A lot of businesses are put off social media because they simply see it as an irritating fiddly bit in broadcasting their content. They think that it’s one thing to update their blog with fresh and interesting material, but to then have to go and log in to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. is just more (more…)

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