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Snapchat plans to install ads to its service

Popular photo messaging app Snapchat is reported to be planning to introduce adverts, news clips and other non-messaging content to its service in a bid to generate revenue.

News suppliers understand that the company have been (more…)

Google set to buy city-guide firm

Internet search phenomenon Google has agreed a deal to buy Jetpac, a company that provides personalised city-guides for travellers. The financial aspects of the acquisition have not been (more…)

Social media rules for country’s police force unveiled

New guidelines for online behaviour have been set for police forces all over the country, after data showed that there were over 800 investigations into alleged breaches of (more…)

Social platform tests potential change to favourites tool

Online networking site Twitter is testing a new feature that sees favourite tweets acting like re-tweets, but not all users seem to be thrilled by this experiment.

The latest feature to be tested by the network displays (more…)

Twitter premieres new Michael Jackson video

Social networking site Twitter was selected by Epic Records to premiere the music video for Michael Jackson’s latest single.

The song, entitled ‘A Place with No Name’, has been (more…)

New orbital equipment to enhance quality of Google Maps

A satellite is set to be launched into the atmosphere that will be able to collate higher quality digital images, which could mean tools such as Google Maps have four times (more…)

Google funding sub-Pacific internet cable

Search company Google is set to team up with five Asia-based telecommunications companies to construct a cable in the Pacific Ocean that will deliver (more…)

Facebook gets involved in Scotland’s independence debate with new feature

Those who are over 16 and intend to vote in next month’s Scottish Independence Referendum can announce their intentions on social media site Facebook, with the company adding a new facility designed for (more…)

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