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Message to Facebook – stop letting scammers get away with it!

I recently wrote about a fake Facebook page named ‘Team Advert’* that was sharing posts by other Facebook pages and threatening to have the pages unpublished unless their owners ‘confirmed’ their identity by entering their username, password, and credit card number. I reported the page to Facebook and had it shut down. I then went a stage further and also reported their phishing site (to which the Facebook page linked) to the hosting company and had that closed down as well.

The Facebook page and the phishing website were both (more…)

From ashes to caches: where will your internet output go when you die?

Popular TV programmes like BBC’s ‘Who Do You Think You Are?’ have encouraged many people to research their ancestry. Some might pay a professional to do it for them, or they may end up sifting through archived newspapers, birth and death records, and other physically printed media from centuries ago to gain clues on what their relatives of the distant past were (more…)

Three utterly ridiculous examples of online ‘vandalism’

With the internet being largely unregulated and anybody able to add to it, it means that a lot of what appears on it should not necessarily be taken as the truth.

We see this regularly on social media sites like Facebook, where a lot of the memes and ‘news’ items that crop up should leave us (more…)

Footballing world to take on social media

Several of the world’s biggest and most supported football clubs have teamed up to launch a new football-based social media platform that aims to emulate the success of Facebook.

The platform is known as (more…)

A Brit’s guide to ‘Cyber Monday’

If you haven’t been reminded already, today is ‘Cyber Monday’ – a day online retailers use to promote their best deals and attract the swathes of people who are happy to shop through their computers, tablets and phones rather than head out to the busy shops in the run-up to Christmas. But why is it on this particular day, how long has it (more…)

Has the internet killed satire?

I love a good bit of satire. Whether it’s old episodes of Spitting Image, Aristophanes’ ‘The Frogs’ or a bit of the Daily Mash – nothing beats good satire.

The problem is, does satire remain as satire when too many people believe it? For instance, the spoof news website BFN was originally set up with the intention of fooling right wing parties such as Britain First and UKIP into mistakenly using its stories as though they were true. Whenever a story they had made up was cited as the source for an outrageous statistic by some befuddled blowhard, they would celebrate the success on their Facebook Page. Everyone who followed them on Facebook would laugh, content that the right-wing imbecile who had fallen for the story had done exactly what (more…)

Google to tell you whether places are busy or not


Search giant Google has recently introduced a new feature that will inform users whether or not the shop, bar or other amenity they are searching for is busy in real time.

The company has added a (more…)

Students create algorithm to combat Facebook fake news story problem

Social networking phenomenon Facebook has recently been the subject of a lot of criticism as it has, perhaps unknowingly, been promoting a large number of fake or misleading stories.

Although Facebook has yet to come up (more…)

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