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Twitter news icon update begins

Social networking site Twitter is mostly known for introducing hashtags to the world, making it easier for users to group together a load of tweets that discuss the same topic in one handy news feed. However, it’s now beginning to roll out a (more…)

Are you watching what you share?

Let’s start the week with a nice gentle experiment – take a look at the three quotes below, and see how much you (more…)

Happy Birthday is now utterly meaningless on social media

Nothing fully conveys the sentiments of wishing someone a happy birthday like (more…)

The death of Google+ – why did it fail?

Over the years, failure isn’t something we have come to associate with Google, as it has gobbled up a greater than 90% share of the UK search market. However, Google+, the company’s foray into social networking, has been one long, painful experience for Google, and for the (more…)

Google Console’s warning about blocked CSS and JavaScript files – what should I do?

If you’re a regular user of Google Console (formerly Google Webmaster Tools), you may have received this warning for one of your websites, as Google has just started sending these out: (more…)

Twitter deletes stolen joke tweets

Everyone on Twitter considers themselves a comedy genius, or at least interesting enough to be tweeting in the first place in a desperate attempt to get people to like them. It’s like some sort of worldwide popularity contest, currently being (more…)

Google Panda 4.2 update and what it means for you

Something most business owners won’t be aware of and website owners will have hardly noticed, but SEOs will be (more…)

Ill-advised tweet costs footballer big move

A Spanish lower league player has missed out on a move to a club in the country’s top division after his would-be employers discovered he had been less than complimentary about them on social media in 2012.

Arosa SC winger Julio Rey was (more…)

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