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What to expect from a social 2015

With the new year almost upon us, now is the time to start planning your online marketing efforts for the coming period.

However, while internet marketing and (more…)

FCA sets social guidelines for bankers

Following on from a few high-profile gaffes on social media in the financial sector, its UK regulatory body is expected to bring in a new set of rules for (more…)

Manic Monday joins the list of Christmas retail events

With a huge spike in online sales on the second Monday of December (8th), it could herald an emerging shopping trend during the festive period.

Already being dubbed (more…)

Instagram now has more users than Twitter

A social photo-sharing platform has overtaken Twitter in user numbers after just four years of operation.

The site, Instagram, recently announced that it now (more…)

Facebook could soon be saving users from embarrassment

The major social networking site Facebook is reportedly developing new software that will detect whether a photo contains potentially humiliating elements.

The algorithm is being (more…)

World Cup and boy bands amongst most tweeted subjects in 2014

With the year drawing to an end, some have analysed what has been discussed on Twitter over the last 12 months, revealing a number of (more…)

Facebook scams offering free cars

I wouldn’t normally write a post about something like this for Engage Web. I would normally save this sort of thing for my personal blog, but this morning I saw that one of my friends had commented on this particular Facebook post, and it frightened me so much I had to share it.

While scrolling through my Facebook feed this morning, as thousands of others would have done, I saw the following image because one of my friends had (more…)

Books could be sold through Twitter

A new initiative by an American publishing house will see whether its wares can be sold directly through (more…)

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