BBC survey shows increased used of CV robots

Posted on November 15, 2012


A recent survey by the BBC has revealed that 18 of the world’s major corporations are using some kind of electronic selection process in their recruitment drives.

For jobseekers spending hours completing application forms and writing covering letters, the news could come as a shock. However, for those working in SEO, it could well provide something of a bonus.

It seems that the so called ‘Applicant Tracking Systems’ scan CVs for keywords, before they even get put in front of a real-life human being.

To improve the chances of getting a CV considered, those looking for a new job are advised to focus on the basics. Again, a grounding in SEO and web design will help with these.

A CV should have a clear and concise layout, with key words used in the industry appearing near the top. All skills obtained should be clearly documented, whilst titling the role being sought well is important too.

Indeed, some analysts feel CV construction should be blatantly designed for the robots. Wilma Tucker, from career solutions firm Right Management, says even including a section called ‘Keywords’ should be considered:

She said:

“Putting the most important words first increases the computer’s chances of a ‘hit’.”

She also suggested that nouns are used to make experience more descriptive.

A well compiled CV and adequately completed application form could also work well in the future. Whilst securing the first role may not be a success, it is perfectly possible that details will be trawled back through at a later date, when further vacancies are up for grabs.

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