Anxiety levels raised by adding parents or boss as Facebook friends

Posted on December 4, 2012


A report which has been compiled by the University of Edinburgh Business School researchers indicates that anxiety levels are likely to rise when people add their parents or boss as friends on their Facebook page. The anxiety is likely to occur when a person posts a comment which includes swearing or talking about smoking and drinking. Although a Facebook user won’t mind their usual groups of friends seeing the comments, they will be aware of potential offence to others, like their boss or parents.

According to the University of Edinburgh, a user’s online profile has stopped them being hired by a potential employer in 50 per cent of cases. Children are followed by more than half of parents on Facebook. The research also indicated that typically people will have seven social circles among their online friends. Most commonly, offline friends are the main group while siblings and extended family members are the second group. Colleagues and friends who are known through other friends are likely to appear as other social groups.

Surprisingly, more Facebook users are likely to be online friends with an ex-boyfriend or girlfriend than with their current partner. The report also revealed that users control what information is viewed by which groups by using the privacy settings. Over 300 members of Facebook, with an average age of 21 were questioned for the report.

As Facebook plays a role in the SEO campaign of many businesses, posts should be carefully written as it is easy to offend, as the report indicates. Search engine optimisation involves social media and search engines.

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