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Darren Jamieson

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Darren Jamieson

Darren Jamieson brings more than a decade of experience in web development and SEO to Engage Web, of which he is co-founder. Beginning as a web designer and new media specialist in 2000, Darren soon came to realise the potential of the various types of new media on the net, and before long was including search engine optimisation in his daily work.

By 2004, Darren was advising clients on how best to work SEO into their own websites and content management systems, and performing hands-on SEO on a day to day basis. It wasn’t long before he finally made the step from web developer to SEO developer, and has been honing his approach to the changeable beast that is SEO ever since.

Darren has extensive experience in strategising long-term and innovative tactics for website owners, and this is perhaps the most valuable skill that he has brought to his current position as Technical Director for Engage Web. Darren is able to draw on a long history of client experience when designing strategies for our clients. With first-hand knowledge of in-house SEO, as well as his history of agency work, he has seen both sides of the coin with SEO, making him the ideal person to have on your side when approaching your site’s SEO. Darren also has experience of speaking at conferences and giving seminars, and would welcome relevant speaking opportunities.

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